A quick review of the New GT3 from HUAWEI!

The Huawei watch GT3 is a long lasting, wonderfully designed watch fit for almost all your daily needs. Part of the latest line of Watch 3 series watches from Huawei, it offers both new and upgraded features from previous versions.




With an excellent amoled screen, and superb battery life, the Watch GT3 comes in to sizes, 46mm and 42mm versions. The slim body and excellent range of straps make this an excellent range for all forms of use. The different styles of straps make it easy to find a watch to fit your lifestyle.

The straps fit a wide variety of wrists at both sizes, and match with the body colour for a fantastic look across the range. The AMOLED screen allows for excellent user interaction. It allows for excellent menu usage and a vibrant look for any applications that you may use. The wide range of features make full use of the screen and allow for even more metrics to be displayed at once.


The display fills the smooth 42mm screen completely, and matches the beautiful numbered edge on the 46mm screen.




With multiple sensors, this watch allows for all apps to be used in the best way. From the activity monitoring apps, to the excellent weather app, all look and work fantastically on this app. It features over 100 workout modes and a personal AI running coach to help with any activity you might use it for. With up to 14 days battery life for the 46mm model and up to 7 days battery life for the 42mm model, you will be able to workout easily without worrying about running low too soon. 


It also features bluetooth calling, and the Huawei Assistant, to give you ease of use for everyday activities. It is waterproof up to 50 meters, so there are no worries about taking it for a swim or using it in rough environments. Use Huawei’s TruSleep to help get the perfect night’s rest and daily health monitoring to keep track of anything you might want to keep an eye on.




An excellent addition to Huawei’s line up, this watch gives fantastic ease of use and a great design for everyday and specific uses. As only part of the Watch 3 line up it makes a wonderful entry to the world of smart watches. It would make a fantastic addition to anyone’s daily routine.


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