AirPods Pro Reviewed.

AirPods Pro reviewed. 


AirPods are the best-selling earphones in the world. But they're also far from perfect. Two of the primary missing features we would love to see in our AirPods are:

  • Water resistance for rain or sweat while walking or working out. 
  • Noise cancelation for when the world is just too loud. 

And we’re glad to say that the AirPods Pro do a great Job and addressing both these concerns. 


AirPods Pro: Design

AirPods Pro have been designed to be water-resistant and are IPX4 certified. That's better than the original AirPods and the PowerBeats Pro. You can't use them in water, however they are sweat and rain resistant, making them perfect for listening on the go. 


Airpods pro are designed to not only go around the ear, but into it, with a few different sizing options. They come with three different sizes of silicon ear tips, allowing them to create a far better fit and far better seal. As you'd expect, you don't peel them on or off like some common silicon tip. Apple has come up with their own, unique system to snap the tips into place.


AirPods Pro: Noise Cancellation

The reason for Airpod Pro’s silicone tips and tight seal, is noise cancellation. This is one of the major advantages over regular AirPods. As the AirPods Pro are designed to go into your ear, the tips are also designed to help shut out excessive surrounding noise. They've got two microphones on each pod, one listening to the outside world and the other listening to the sound coming from the Airpods themselves. They will then regularly cancel out all the excess noise from outside, making for a much better listening experience. 


Transparency mode is also a feature we love, for when you do need to hear and be aware of the noises around you, when crossing the road for example. This uses a vent system to let outside noise in, whilst still playing your internal audio. 


Battery Performance

Apple says that each Airpod pro can get up to 4.5 hours of listening time and up to 3.5 hours of talk time per charge. However, the case can also charge your Airpods Pro, providing up to 24 hours of listening and 18 hours of talking time. That's compared to up to 5 hours listening time per pod for the standard AirPods. The charging cases for the Airpods and Airpods Pro are rated the same. All in all we are very impressed with the battery life of the Airpods Pro, and placing them back in the case when they aren’t being used ensures they will last throughout the day. 



It’s hard to separate the two when choosing which Airpods to purchase, although the Airpods are the most popular wireless earphones from Apple, the Airpods Pro offer some impressive benefits, albeit at a higher price. 


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