Bose - Sleep Buds II

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Sleepbuds, not headphones: Designed for sleep, sleepbuds don't play music or podcasts. Instead, they offer soothing, noise-masking sounds to promote uninterrupted rest throughout the night. Tested by users: the effectiveness of Bose technology to induce sleep has been clinically proven. Relaxing Content: Calm your unrest or immerse yourself in a relaxing world with content that includes tonal environments, nature sounds and more. Simple app: The sleepbuds only play original content from the Bose Sleep app. Discover 50 specially designed sounds from the audio library, download your favorite tracks to headphones, adjust the volume and access features such as personal alarm clock Best Sleep Solution: Sleepbuds use innovative noise masking technology, not noise reduction. Bose -designed masking sounds, coupled with the noise-canceling design of the earphones, cover up unwanted night noises. Comfort and Stability: Proprietary inserts are made of soft silicone to ensure all-night comfort, even if you sleep on your side or turn often. 3 insert sizes are included All-night battery: Up to 10 hours per charge, enough for a full night of restful sleep