Chromecast with Google TV

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The Google Chromecast with Google TV streams your favourite entertainment in up to 4K ultra HDR stunning picture.

The Google TV requires no switching of your favourite apps to find what to watch. Google TV organises all of your content, across all of your streaming services on one screen, making it easier to find what to watch. The Google Chromecast finds your nest favourite watches based on your subscriptions, viewing history and content that you own to find the right watches for you. When you search for a show or movie, find out if it’s included in your services, or you can compare prices on other ways to watch, so you can get more for the right price.

The Chromecast comes with a voice remote so you can have flexibility of how you control your Chromecast. Press the Google Assistant button on the included remote to ask Google to find films, TV shows or music, simply ask “what should I watch?” or “find action films”.

The Chromecast has been designed with your home in mind. The Chromecast works with almost any TV with an HDMI port. Just plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi and start streaming. It has a sleek and beautiful design and comes in a Snow White finish with matching voice remote, adding a stylish touch and upgrade to the classic Chromecast.

The Chromecast also allows you to check what’s going on around your home. Watch your Nest Cam feed right on your TV so you can keep an eye on what’s going on outside on the big screen. It also can be grouped with your Nest speakers or displays to fill your home with sound, and can be controlled by using your voice or the app.