Mophie Wall Adapter USB-C-PD-HUB-120W-GAN-White (2 x USB-C + 1 x USB-A)

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The speedport 120 delivers a maximum shared output of up to 120W of power to your portable devices. GaN technology increases charging efficiency and speed, so this ultra-compact little charger delivers enough power to charge a laptop.


120W of Total Combined Power

The speedport 120 delivers up to a combined total of 120W of power to charge your portable devices. Access up to 100W of power using only the first USB-C port to fully charge a large device like a MacBook Pro. Use two USB-C ports to access fast-charging power starting at 99W and higher. Or use all four ports simultaneously to access up to 119W of power collectively.

- Charge up to Four Devices

Free Up Space

The speedport 120’s off-wall design prevents it from taking up more than one space on your powerstrip or outlet. It also provides easy access to all four ports. The speedport 120 comes with a strap for managing cables.


Galium Nitride (GaN) Technology

GaN technology is having a huge impact on 5G equipment and superfast charging. It uses high-performance internal silicon components to increase charging efficiency in an ultra-compact form factor. So, you get faster power in a smaller charger.


Charge Older Devices

The USB-A port lets you charge older digital devices.


Casing Made with Recycled Materials

The speedport 120’s casing is made with up to 50% post-consumer recycled plastics.