Oppo Reno 8 Lite Black 8GB+128GB

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Smartphones come in different shapes, sizes and prices. The most important thing is, is the phone worth its price? The Oppo Reno 8 Lite is worth it, because this phone offers great value for money! Oppo has put all its resources into the specifications that really matter.

The price-quality of this phone is reflected in the processor, for example. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G-chip provides excellent performance, together with 4GB of working memory. The screen measures 6.43 inches and has a resolution of 2400x1080 pixels. The 4,500mAh battery will power you all day long!

Multiple cameras

On the back of the device you will find three different cameras, including the 64-megapixel main sensor. The macro lens on your phone is a special camera for capturing small objects. This phone is equipped with one, which allows you to take nature photos of insects, for example! A 16-megapixel camera for selfies and video calls is located on the front of the device.

Screen of good quality

This phone has a nice bright AMOLED screen. This display has a diameter of 6.43m, so it still fits in your trousers. So it still fits in your pocket, but it is big enough to enjoy watching a film.

NFC chip present in this device

Oppo Reno 8 Lite has NFC, this can be used for example to use your smartphone as a debit card. 4G? It's time for 5G! With this Oppo Reno 8 Lite, you can use 5G. Thanks to the Dual Sim functionality, you can use two SIM cards at the same time. This does not come at the expense of a memory card slot.

Listening to music your own way

Don't have bluetooth in your car yet, but still like to play your music from your phone? Then choose this phone with a headphone jack. Through a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable you can still connect your phone to your car speakers. Of course, you can also listen through the speakers or with another device via Bluetooth!

Long battery life

This device has a large battery capacity. So you can play a lot of games, listen to a lot of music and play social media without ending up with an empty battery. Under the bonnet of this Oppo Reno 8 Lite, you will find a mid-range processor. This means that the device is powerful enough for everyday apps, such as whatsapp, mail and facebook.