Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

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See the bigger picture with extra space

That plus really adds up to something. You get everything on the Galaxy Tab S8, plus a bigger 12.4” sAMOLED screen. A bigger battery. And an on-screen fingerprint scanner. Choose from Graphite or Pink Gold for your bold artistic taste.

S Pen

S Pen snaps right into place to charge

S Pen clips out from back of Galaxy Tab S8 Series and snaps back magnetically. A close-up of the fine pen point is then shown.

No matter which tablet size you select, the brand new S Pen comes included and magnetically snaps to the back of Galaxy Tab S8 Series to charge.

Write, sketch, doodle or draw all your wildest ideas into reality with the S Pen ultra-low latency. A thousand tools in one, the new S Pen gives you impressive levels of control.


It's tough, so creativity comes easy

The Armour Aluminum casing helps guard all sorts of bumps and drops. It's our thinnest, biggest, toughest Samsung Galaxy Tab S yet, balancing impressive durability with a super lightweight, slim design.

Armour Aluminum frame cased on Galaxy Tab S8 Series in Pink Gold and Graphite. All slide in side-by-side to show durability in slim design.

Space to create

A woman with a tiara drawn on her head with S Pen. There are scribbles playfully written next to her head and on the right bottom corner.

Samsung Notes

Ready for anything noteworthy

Samsung Notes is the quickest way to jot down all your brilliant creative or money making ideas in an instant. It can do it all from memos, sketches and drawings to turning handwriting into text to keep your ideas flowing.

Clip Studio

Clip Studio Paint brings out your inner artist

Love to draw or paint? Clip Studio Paint was created for creative people like you. With a natural brush feel, you can bring your most imaginative creations to life.

Video Editing

S Pen turns you into a precision editor

A series of shots of three friends posing at the camera. S Pen comes in to draw a white line in between the shots to make a frame.

Ready to create your frame-perfect masterpiece? S Pen and LumaFusion are here to help. Edit videos faster and more accurately thanks to the biggest leap in S Pen responsiveness. LumaFusion provides various editing tools to get the cinematic edit you want.

Quick Share

Share your creative ideas across the Galaxy in a flash

With Quick Share, you can move your masterpieces in a tap. Transfer huge photos and video files to your phone or PC with ease.

Space to keep in touch

Three friends are video calling each other — a friend on one screen and two other friends on the other screen. There is an "End Call" button on the bottom of the screen. Each screen shows a small screen of the another talking.

4K Video Recording

Be the centre of attention, wherever you are

The Dual Front Camera (Ultra Wide + Wide) boasts an impressive field of view that provides optimal 4K video recording.

Auto Framing

The camera focuses on the dancer using Auto Framing during a dance video shoot. The yellow frames show that the focus is on the dancer, even though she is moving.

Auto Framing gives the speaker the spotlight they deserve. Record a dance lesson and the camera will automatically zoom in to keep the focus on you and your moves as you give instruction.

The spotlight continues on video calls. When new friends join the call, the Dual Front Camera (Ultra Wide + Wide) even knows to automatically zoom out to include them, making it feel like you're talking to them in person.

Google Duo

Get the gang together with Google Duo

Four friends are shown video calling each other using Google Duo on the ultra wide screen of Galaxy Tab S8 Series. The Book Cover Keyboard is clipped to the Galaxy Tab S8 Series.

Ring up your bestie or up to 31 of your closest friends with the high quality video calling app available. The three Mic Noise Reduction technology makes sure you focus just on the call. You can even team up and collaborate creatively with Jamboard — Google's interactive whiteboard.

Share your screen and experience it together with Google Duo. Watch videos and talk about them in real-time together.

Space to do more

Two Galaxy Tab S8 Series showing two different women posing at different places.


Divide your screen.

Conquer your day

Size. Position. And number of windows. You're in charge with Multi Window. That means you can research decor inspirations, sketch out architectural plans and video chat with your friend — all at once.