Tech Repair Services


Tecca Tech is our dedicated, in-house repairs and servicing team.

         Our technicians are knowledgable about technology and repairs across a range of products.

This includes iPhones and Samsung smartphones, Mac, Huawei, Asus and Lenovo laptops, and Desktops such as the iMac.

Our team of experts specialises in correcting both software and hardware issues. 

Our range of in-store repair services include:

Diagnostics - Smartphones
  • Black Screen
  • Battery not charging
  • iPhone stuck at Apple Logo
  • Other problems

Diagnostics - Laptops and Computers

  • Laptop and MacBook not turning on
  • Battery not charging
  • Keypad and Trackpad not responding
  • Other problems
Data Transfer - Smartphones
  • Apple to Apple 
  • Apple to Android 
  • Android to Apple 
  • Android to Android
Data Transfer - MacBooks and Laptops
  • Copying from SSD and HDD
  • Transfer from SSD to External Storage
  • Backing up on iCloud drive
  • Others