Sony In Ear Headphones

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Redefine your sonic experience once and for all when you get the feature-rich pair of Sony E9LP Wired in Ear Earphones without Mic that has a dynamic driver equipped with Neodymium magnets and an ergonomic design in order to be of optimum use to you

Enjoy the powerful bass and beat that the 13.5-mm driver of the pair of Sony E9LP Wired in Ear Earphones without Mic delivers. It is equipped with Neodymium magnets in order to offer you a clear and rich sound.


This pair of Sony wired earphones can be connected to any 3.5-mm plug. You can thus connect it to your MP3 players, Walkmans, iPods, and many more devices in order to enjoy listening to your favourite songs like never before.


Ultra-lightweight and ergonomically designed, the pair of Sony E9LP Wired in Ear Earphones without Mic makes it great as a go-to pair. It comes with 2x ear buds that fit in a more secure fashion and also avoids sound leakage. The classic black shade also heightens its appeal. Moreover, you can also carry this along with ease while you are traveling as it is compact and very portable. This feature also makes it easy to store the pair when it is not in use.

Audio Quality

Improve your auditory experience when you get this pair of Sony in-ear earphones that comes with a 13.5-mm high-sensitivity driver and other advanced features that enable it to effectively reproduce a natural sound quality that is free from any type of distortions. This pair ensures that you do not miss out the highs and lows of your favourite music and is a must-have for music lovers who love listening to music on the go.

Comfort of Use

The ergonomic design of this pair of Sony E9LP Wired in Ear Earphones without Mic features an improved structure that makes it very comfortable to wear, even for longer hours. The 120-cm serrated cord is tangle-free and also makes it very convenient to handle. Sony, a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products. This lightweight pair of earphones from the brand also bears the mark of the quality brand and is a must-have for you if you have been planning to buy earphones.