[U] Apple Watch 42/44 Silicone - Black

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  • Soft-touch silicone for comfortable all day wear
  • Stainless steel hardware that securely adjusts to size of your wrist
  • Fun and elevated dot textured design on band
  • Stylish and strong. Go from the gym to the office easily with a chic band that makes every outfit
  • Debosed logo detail on strap loop

 Strong is beautiful / The vision: Individuals feel encouraged and safe to be themselves, powerful and vulnerable. This emboldened community goes on to break more barriers and set new limits around what is possible. Built for U to Go Further / The mission: Inspire active participants and aspirational consumers alike, making them feel part of a larger community and movement of people who aspire to be strong and athletic adventurers. Enable them to pursue their passions confidently and safely through our products and storytelling. We are U. From the gym to the office to wherever—our premium soft-touch silicone straps provide all-day comfort complete with a fun and elevated DOT textured design. Let your sleek, U statement pieces do the talking. Strong and beautiful.